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Electrostatic Dust Collector
Dust Collecting Principle
Once the large dust particles are eliminated by the pre-filter, small dust particles that reach ionizing sector are positively charged and magnetized to the negatively charged part of the electrostatic dust-collecting panel. Resistance formed between accumulating dust particles of the panel and the airflow increases until dust particles detach from the panel in lumps.
These dust lumps piled up at the final filter.Roll, Pocket or Panel Type filters are used as the final filter.
● Ionizing Dust-Collector Sector
- Ionizing dust-collector sector consists of the 1st collecting stage and the 2nd collecting stage.
- The first collecting stage is made up of the collecting panel (ground connection) and a discharging line (ionizing line) of DC 8-12 KV.
An ionizing field is formed between the discharging line and the collecting panel. Passing dust particles are positively charged and at least 70% of the initial dust particles are rapidly attached to the collecting panel.
- The second collecting stage is an alternative setup of the collecting panel (ground connection) and the resistance panel with the DC 4-6 KV. It collects about 70% of the remaining 30% dust particles that escaped the first collecting stage, collecting at least 91% of total dust particles.
-In contrast to the other standard electrostatic dust collectors only having the first collecting stage, FIGARO is a highly effective two-stage dust collector with an outstanding collecting efficiency and capacity owing to its recollecting second stage.

● Final Filter
- As the accumulating dust particles at the collecting panel increases, the resistance to the air flow also increases. When this resistance to the airflow becomes stronger than the cohesion of dust particles to the panel, dust particles eventually detach and fall from the panel in lump forms.
- Dust particles falling off the collecting panel are in large lumps (at least 0.5 mm in diameter) making it possible for filters of large disposal airflow and loose net can be collected efficiently.
- Roll Type, Pocket Type, Cell Type and Panel Type filters are usually used as the final filter.

● High Voltage Power
- High voltage power equipment supplies high voltage electricity of DC 4 KV to DC 12 KV to the ionizing sector and the dust collecting sector.
- Current Limit Transformer(CLT), Multiplex and Electric Power Transformer are the 3 forms of high power equipment that is used for FIGARO series. Also, the availability of various models from 4mA-level (50W level) to 40mA-level (500W level) for different electric loads allow the best selection of power pack depending on the amount of electricity and the place being used. (AC 220V, 380V)
- A built-in (residue electric charge) discharge current circuit devises safety by rupturing the supply of electricity as soon as the access door is opened.

Bosoung's FIGARO electrostatic dust collector includes a deflecting panel, which prevents efficiency of dust collecting caused by accumulation of dust particles from decreasing.
- There is a small amount (5-10% NBS) of dust particles that pass through the collecting mechanism and the final filter even after being positively (or negatively) charged, due to the distinctive character of the electrostatic dust collector. This small amount of remaining dust particles is not a problem on its own but because they are already charged with a high voltage they effectively adhere to the duct, the coils of air conditioner and heater causing heat-efficiency and hygiene problems over a time period.
- Bosoung's FIGARO electrostatic dust collector contains a corpuscular neutralizer, which maintains the duct, the coils of air conditioner and heater like the new for a long time.
Figaro Cell Standard Options
Cell Type Size(mm)
Airflow Rate
Main Use Impressed Voltage Efficiency Material Option
A1 610×610×160 56 Supplement to the existing facilities lonizer:8KV
Frame KSD
t: 1-3mm
Cell KSD
t: 0.4-0.8mm
Wire KSD
t: 0.18-0.2
Corpuscular Neutralizer
A2 610×305×160 28
A3 305×610×160 28
B1 610×610×250 56 Standard Equipment (clean room) lonizer:12KV
B2 610×305×250 28
B3 305×610×250 28
C1 610×610×300 56 For medical buildings lonizer:12KV
C2 610×305×300 28
C3 305×610×300 28
D Order Mode