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Carbon Filter
Model Thickness Face Velocity Pressure Loss (mmAq)
PS - 4 3.2mm 1m/sec 1.7
PS - 6 6.4mm 1m/sec 2.7
PS - 12 12.8mm 1m/sec 4.5
PS - 20 20mm 1m/sec 8
PS - 25 25mm 1m/sec 12
● Granular activated carbons are processed and put into a urethane form.
Shows amazing effect if the face velocity is set to match with the designed rate.
● Poly-sorb of 1 cm3 has a 200m2 surface area showing superb effects even for the situations where duration of gas through the filter is short.
● Can be used instead of granular activated carbon for unit of BOR type installed on the airflow controlling equipment.
Model Size(mm) Airflow Rate
Content of Activated Carbon Pressure Loss(mmAq)
CF - 1S 400×230×15 6 300g 5
CF - 2S 285×220×15 6 200g 6.5
CF - 3S 600×445×25 20 800g 5
● Filter is filled with either granular or cylindrical activated carbon in plastic magazine.
Activated carbon can be incorporated with an appropriate gas inhaling equipment - used in many areas including unit type air purifier.
Model Size(mm) Standard Airflow Rate
Pressure Loss
BOR - 60 610×610×600 60 25mm 25 45kg 60kg
BOR - 56 610×610×450 56 20mm 12 35kg 50kg
BOR - 28 610×305×450 28 20mm 7.5 18kg 35kg
BOR - 25 610×610×250 25 15mm 6 18kg 35kg
● BOR unit has a maximum activated carbon layer of 25mm where a special type of activated carbon is used to collect radioactive gas.
● Has 50% exceeding capacity (BOR - 60) than the required capacity (m3/kg/year) of office building airflow controlling equipment.
Guarantees high performance with just one exchange per year.
●Types including chemical filter instead of activated carbon filter is available for chemical factories and experimental laboratories to collect distinctive gas.