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We are very convinced that our customers would want to use the valued knowledge and know-how s of the air purifier which we have accumulated through numerous experiments.
A large amount of broad information and facts-detailed data about special conditions which are created when operating the air purifier, information of removing various types of polluting materials, and plenty of intelligent software for cheking indoor air and/or producing the relative anti-polluting operation according to the Chaos theory - are ready for your references.
Besides, we completley solved the conventional problems which have made it impossible to contain the dust sensor and the gas sensor together ( for example, the technical problem relating to sensitivity management,sensitivity inspection,operation's difficulty or arrangements, etc.), so we are able to provide, as it is called, "The Omni-functional Air Purifier" for our customers. In addition, the minimum of profit margin, management expenses, assembling expenses and personnel expenses are another strong points of ours.
We , Bosoung Electronics, having strived to build the best air purifiers for several decade, are always ready to consult any kinds of OEM's.
Bosoung Electronics is waiting for you all the time.