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■ Assembly Line
This is the assembly line of IB-200A. We always challenge Zero-Defect .
■ Balance Machine
It would be difficult to find the indoor machines which keep silent when operated. Every product of ours is adjusted to have a balance less than 0.02g/Radian on its revolving parts(ventilator,motor,etc.),so a Super-Silence operation is possible.
■ Noise Test room
We do not stop at the point of close adjustment for each part, but,again,we perform noise test for the finished products to keep their noise below the standard level .
We believe it is the minimum of our sincerity for the silent operating.
■ Dust Collecting Efficiency Test
We measure our products efficiency rate using the Standard Testing Dust (KSA-0090, macro dust No.11 and No.15) by the Standard Testing Method (KS - Republic of Korea , JIS-Japan) In addition, by using the standardized measuring instruments, we prevent the inaccuracy which can arise when using simplified ways. We, Bosoung Electronics, are very proud of our professionality in the air purifiers.